Highland Park Saint Magnus 12 Year Review

This is a 12 year Highland Park that was released as the second part of the Earl Magnus (Inga Saga) trilogy. It was distilled in 1998 and bottled in 2010 at 55% ABV.

Nose: Funky sherry notes with some sulphury smoke in there, fresh cedar, new leather, msuty old books, subtle dried seaweed, cigar smoke, and figs.

Palate: Cigar smoke carries through here with woody malt, sulphur notes appearing briefly with black cherry and leather as well.

Finish: Sherry influence lingers with faint strawberry and oak notes – long finish overall.

Rating: 89/100 – A very good/complex Highland Park – especially given its age. I love how sherry maturation interacts with Highland Park’s distillate – the briny/smoky elements of the malt play so well with the rich sherry.

Value for the money: I think the original retail for this was around €100, but now online, it’s mostly €250+ from what I’ve seen. I’d be happy to pay original retail for it, but it’s definitely not worth €250+ in my opinion.

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