Highland Park Leif Eriksson Review

This was a travel-retail exclusive Highland Park expression released in 2011. It was a combination from ex-bourbon and sherry casks and bottled at 40%. This was originally part of a mystery review/sample swap hence the cryptic label on the bottle.

Nose: Not sure the combination of sherry casks involved, but the sherry is in the forefront on the nose. Vanilla, honey, oak round out the profile.

Palate: Again sherry leads here with a bit of salt. Tropical fruits emerge from behind the sherry.

Finish: Short – mostly vanilla with oak and pepper as sherry fades slowly

Rating: 88/100 – An enjoyable pour but nothing overly challenging. Could be great at a higher proof.

Value for the money: I believe these retailed for around $90 originally which is a pretty fair price – perhaps a little on the high side.

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