High West Bourye (Newer Release) Review

This is the newer release of the Bourye from High West which is bottled at 46% ABV. Bourye was originally released many years back from High West and was a blend of a 10 year Four Roses bourbon. a 12 year MGP rye, and a 16 year Barton rye. They re-released it last year with a slightly different makeup of a 17 year MGP rye, a 13 year MGP rye, and a 9 year MGP bourbon.

Nose: Interesting – the MGP bourbon really comes off with a typical Brown-Forman profile full of brown sugar and bananas. It’s a bit distracting as while you’re nosing it, it will bounce back and forth between a rye and bourbon in terms of the dominant note. A bit of acetone, old oak, and musty corn.

Palate: Again, strikes me initially as a 10-15 year Brown-Forman bourbon profile being very sweet and fruit forward. Rye kicks in immediately though and adds some nice spice and complexity. A bit more muddled overall than the nose.

Finish: Sweet corn, spicy rye, and young oak – relatively short.

Rating: 85/100 – Looking back, I liked the original Bourye release a decent amount more, but overall this one is still very enjoyable. It’s a unique blend that showcases how bourbon and rye can actually go nicely together.

Value for the money: I believe I paid around $75 for this bottle which I think is a fair price.


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