Heaven Hill Select Stock Review

This was a Heaven Hill Gift Shop release from a year or two back. It’s a 10 year old bourbon that spent the last 2 years in a cognac cask. There have been a few releases of the HHSS, and this review is for the 69.6% ABV release.

Nose: Cinnamon and brown sugar with some red grape. Black pepper and honey atop a sweet cereal mash.

Palate: Dry, aged oak up front. Proof kicks in quickly and ramps up the heat. Nutty profile overal with a bit of an acidic edge – cognac doesn’t stand out to me distinctly.

Finish: Hot, dry oak with a bit of cinnamon

Rating: 82/100 – The cognac finish is lost a bit for me – perhaps due to the already sweet nature of bourbon. The heat is a bit overwhelming at times on this one which makes it slightly more one-dimensional.

Value for the money: This retailed for $150 originally (gift shop releases are usually criminally overpriced compared to their typical expressions). I’d be a consumer around $50-$60.

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