Glenlivet 19 (Signatory Vintage 1995/2015 Cask #166947 Binny’s Selection) Review

This is a 19 year Glenlivet that was matured in a 1st fill sherry butt and bottled at 58.3% ABV.

Nose: Sherry heavy with blackberry preserves and orange juice concentrate. Oak comes cleanly through after a few seconds with a sharp/younger profile.

Palate: Freshly cracked peppercorns with bold oak. Thick raisiny sherry up front turning rather dry and tart on rear palate.

Finish: Sherry dries out further and oak takes over with a freshly sawn profile.

Rating: 84/100 – Sherry becomes a bit too tart/dry for me leading to the oak taking over a bit too much for my preference in palate/finish given it’s sharp profile.

Value for the money: This was $110 at Binny’s – I wouldn’t buy one at that price. I’d pay maybe $70-$80ish for this bottle.


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