Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix Review

This is a limited expression from Glenfiddich that was made up of a blend of casks that were in a warehouse which collapsed under the weight of the snow on the roof (hence the Snow Phoenix name). The casks were a blend of bourbon and Oloroso casks and aged from 13-30 years. It was bottled at 47.6% ABV.

Nose: Heavy oloroso influence with sweet berries, rich sherry, cocoa, slightly smoked malt, and a bit of banan

Palate: Banana and rich malt with upfront sherry and stewed fruits with mulled spices

Finish: Peppery, slightly oaky with the sherry notes lingering

Rating: 93/100 – The best Glenfiddich I’ve had and quite an enjoyable pour.

Value for the money: I paid $30 an oz to try this at Delilah’s which I would pay again to try it. Full bottles are going for around $450+ which is too steep – I’d be a purchaser at $200 or under.

2 thoughts on “Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix Review”

  1. One the day these arrived on shelves I bought one. That night I sampled it. I knew immediately it was going to be a huge anorak favorite. I ran out the next day a bought a case at $80 a bottle. Delicious juice!!

    1. I wish I had that foresight! I just bought my first bottle at it at a relatively good “deal” of $300 considering current auction prices.

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