Glenfarclas 25 Review

This is a 25 year sherried expression from Glenfarclas that is part of their core range. It’s bottled at 43% ABV.

Nose: Toasted oak, red delicious apples, wisps of smoke from an extinguished match, sultanas, figs, and green bananas.

Palate: Seasoned oak with subtle berry cobber and vanilla. It was a stretch to pull much out of this – very bland all around oddly given its age.

Finish: Even more bland than palate – hints of sherry but barely anything. Comes and goes with nary a note.

Rating: 78/100 – The nose is nice, but palate and finish are so underwhelming. How does a 25 year malt end up so flavorless?

Value for the money: These retail for $150+ which is laughable given the quality. You’d be better served buying pretty much any other malt at that same price point as you’ll be almost guaranteed to buy something better.

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