Glendronach Single Cask 1995 20 Year (Cask #543) Review

This is a 20 year Glendronach that was matured in a PX Sherry Puncheon and bottled at 54.6% ABV.

Nose: Cherry jam with dark chocolate undertones, subtle anise tucked away in there with a bit of beach ball rubber coming through. Dried banana chips, figs, new leather, and baked apples round out a sweet nose.

Palate: Leathery and meaty sherry full of plums, cloves, cherry cough drops. lemon zest, and almond extract. Not as raisiny as I’d expect from a 20 year PX matured malt.

Finish: Predominantly sherry with a bit of oak and pepper lingering.

Rating: 88/100 – A solid Glendronach single cask that’s not as cloying as I was expecting.

Value for the money: I paid around €175 for this bottle, and I think that’s not too bad a price, but not sure I’d buy another at that price point.

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