Glendronach Single Cask 1990 22 Year (Cask #2971) Review

This is a 22 year Glendronach that was matured in a PX cask and bottled at 50.8% ABV. This is an older review that it appears I never migrated to the blog.

Nose: Floral oak dripping with rich, raisiny PX sherry. Loads of brown sugar with some honey and mineral notes.

Palate: Extremely rich PX – like a raisin syrup. Takes a minute to get past the sherry bomb, but bananas, toffee, and nutmeg emerge.

Finish: Slightly astringent but the sugary PX laden oak lingers on and on

Rating: 92/100 – A very good PX matured Glendronach – hits all the right sweet notes for me. I often use this one to introduce someone to sweeter scotch as it is almost like a dessert pour.

Value for the money: These retailed close to $200, and at auction it would still be in that ballpark. I think that would be a fair price if you can score one around there.

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