Glen Moray 42 (Celtic Heartlands 1962-2005) Review

This is a 42 year Glen Moray bottled under the Celtic Heartlands label at 47.2% ABV. It was matured in an ex-bourbon cask.

Nose: Pure, unadulterated oak with hints of peach and coriander. A bit of saltwater taffy and smoke round out the oak heavy profile.

Palate: Sweet on entry turning very rapidly into intense oak. This is the most over-oaked scotch I’ve tried to date sadly. It felt like I was sucking on a mouth full of wood chips sadly.

Finish: Turns a bit funky with the oak still absolutely dominating.

Rating: 73/100 – I’m not usually over sensitive to oak in scotches, in fact I’ve had some as old as 50 years that I still quite enjoyed. However, this one was just pure oak on the palate, and I struggled to dig through it to see if there were some other interesting notes going on. I’m generally a Glen Moray fan, but very disappointed at this one.

Value for the money: I bought a sample of this at around a $500 value. I would stay far away at that price.

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