Glen Grant-Glenlivet 31 (Cadenhead’s 1984/2016 Sherry Butt #414) Review

This is a 31 year Glen Grant matured in a sherry butt and bottled at 46.1% ABV.

Nose: Dry, brittle oak with a bit of pine sap – menthol and maraschino cherries as it turns just a bit rubbery. Strawberry hard candies emerge as it sits for a bit.

Palate: Quite oaky with the strawberry hard candies carrying straight through. Tobacco, red grapes, and white pepper with a nice thick mouthfeel.

Finish: Tobacco, cherry cordial, and dry oak – medium length.

Rating: 88/100

Value for the money: The cheapest I could find this for online still is €219 which is too high for me. I’d be a buyer at €150 or under or so.

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