Glen Grant 39 (Whisky-Doris 1972/2011 Sherry Hogshead #11395) Review

This is a 39 year Glen Grant that was matured in a sherry hogshead and bottled at 48% ABV.

Nose: Watermelon jolly ranchers, banana runts, raisins,  orange juice, ripe strawberries – exceptionally fruity profile which evolves constantly. Briny notes emerge after a bit with heavy french vanilla – almost takes on a bourbon type nose at times.

Palate: Red grapes, peaches, brown sugar, strawberry pie, and banana taffy – again, very sweet/fruity profile here but balanced nicely with a very faint smoke and surprisingly mild oak given the age.

Finish: Stonefruit and cherry notes emerge with some added citrus and musty oak.

Rating: 94/100 – Pretty stellar – I think I need to move some old Glen Grant up on my list of things to pick up next.

Value for the money: I haven’t seen these for sale really, but I paid about a $450 valuation with the bottle split on this one. Obviously a steep price, but for what you get, it’s not too bad really given the cost of a lot of other popular 30+ year malts.

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