Glen Garioch Founder’s Reserve Review

The Founder’s Reserve is Glen Garioch’s NAS inexpensive offering as part of its core line. It’s bottled at 48% ABV.

Nose: Brine, wet clay, dough/yeast with loads of young malt and bitter oak.

Palate: Quite sweet up front turning a bit grainy – oak starts to pull through and malt takes on a funky note. This has to be quite young based on the malt profile – I would guess maybe 4-6 years.

Finish: Tart green apples and dark chocolate

Rating: 80/100 – Not bad but its youth holds it back a bit

Value for the money: These go for around $40-$45, but I can’t recommend it at that level as there are other solid offerings in the same price range e.g. Dalwhinnie 15, Quinta Ruban, Macallan 10 Fine Oak, etc.

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