George T. Stagg (2014) Review

This is the 2014 release of George T. Stagg from Buffalo Trace which was bottled at 69.05% ABV.

Nose: Big, bruiser of a bourbon full of french vanilla, heavy burnt oak, sweet corn, and pipe tobacco.

Palate: Nice mouthfeel with more charred oak, tobacco, and a bit of vanilla. The high proof on this makes it harder for me to really explore it in depth.

Finish: Burnt oak, cola, and creamed corn.

Rating: 89/100 – The 2014 Stagg was very well regarded in general, but for me, it strikes me as an average Stagg – not one that I would put far above the others I’ve tried in the past e.g. 2012 GTS and 2013 GTS

Value for the money: As with any BTAC – I would never pay secondary prices (currently probably $450ish). At retail, they’re a fantastic buy if you can find one.

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