Four Roses Single Barrel OESK (Shorewood Liquors Selection) Review

This is a 9 year 7 month single barrel of Four Roses selected by Shorewood Liquors and bottled at 63% ABV.

Nose: Fresh vanilla bean and banana pudding with malt chocolate, sugary oak, orange marmalade, and spiced apples.

Palate: Flowery overall with vanilla paste, under ripe strawberries, and herb rubbed oak.

Finish: Quite hot and full of young oak and corn – some subtle banana and herbs.

Rating: 83/100 – One of the best FR single barrel noses I’ve come across, but doesn’t keep up with that level throughout.

Value for the money: FR Single Barrels usually retail around $65 and generally make a great buy – not sure that I’d buy this particular one though.

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