Four Roses Single Barrel OBSF (/r/bourbon pick) Review

This is a FR Single Barrel OBSF recipe that was selected by a group of individuals on the bourbon subreddit. It’s a 10.5 year bourbon bottled at 63.2% ABV.

Nose: Heavy brown sugar with french vanilla. Strong black cherry with underlying mint. Oak is cleverly masked behind all these bold notes.

Palate: Very grain forward with thick vanilla, dry oak, white pepper, tart fruits, and a bit of cherry cough syrup.

Finish: Very dry and floral with a little cranberry & black cherry and a touch of anise.

Rating: 88/100 – I usually find the F yeast in these single barrels to be a bit too herbal for me, but this one doesn’t have as much of that going on.

Value for the money: Four Roses Single Barrel picks are probably the best value in the bourbon world currently. They’re an easy buy at $60 or less.

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