Four Roses 125th Anniversary (2013 Limited Edition Small Batch) Review

This was the 2013 release of the annual limited edition small batch. Per the name, this was the 125th anniversary of Four Roses, so the bottle had that extra branding compared to other years limited editions. It’s a blend of 18 year OBSV, 13 year OESK, and 13 year OBSK recipes and bottled at 51.6% ABV.

Nose: Cinnamon bread with apple slices. Layers of french vanilla and oak seasoned with nutmeg. Subtle red berries in the background.

Palate: Apples and cloves with sweet corn and vanilla, slightly doughy with a musty oak.

Finish: Dry oak with caramel and brown sugar. Very fresh corn note reminiscent of corn on the cob. Fairly dry all around.

Rating: 89/100

Value for the money: This is one of the more popular bottlings of the Limited Edition Small Batch (LE SmB), and the price reflects that at $400+ on the secondary. I’d pass at that amount as a lot of hype is built into that price for this particular year.

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