Eleven Wells Rye Whiskey Review

This is a 5 month old rye from a local Saint Paul based distillery (Eleven Wells). It’s a relatively new craft distillery having only opened less than 2 years ago. This rye was bottled at 42% ABV.

Nose: Extremely fragrant fresh grains with a hint of sawdust. As to be expected in a whiskey this young, there is almost no oak influence yet and the grains still have a very raw profile in the distillate.

Palate: Rye stands out here quite a bit with a slight perfume note and the young oak almost taking on a pine characteristic.

Finish: Very short with just the grains lingering for a bit.

Rating: 75/100 – A good study in grain profile in a rye, but not something I’d want to drink on a daily basis.

Value for the money: As with all craft distilleries, you pay a premium for the craft nature of their distillation. I think this 375ml retails around $30 which is competing with 750mls of very good ryes from major distilleries. Unless you’re really wanting to try a very young rye, I can’t recommend it at the retail price.


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