Edradour 14 Single Cask Oloroso Finish (Spec’s Selection) Review

This is a 14 year old Edradour expression that was finished in Oloroso casks and selected by Spec’s liquor in Texas.

Nose: Big, rich sherry notes up front – no mistaking the oloroso finish. Raisins, black cherries, brown sugar, and grape juice.

Palate: Bold, fruity delivery with lots of spice. Black cherry, anise, cherry cough drops, and cocoa.

Finish: Currants, cherries, and barley linger with a bit of cinnamon and honey.

Rating: 90/100 – Much better than the standard Edradour 10 – a great cask selection.

Value for the money: I think this retailed for $100 which I would pay for another bottle.

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