Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve Review

This is the newer iteration of Dalmore’s Cigar Malt which consists of 70% Oloroso matured malt and 30% ex-bourbon malt. It’s bottled at 44% ABV.

Nose: Heavy sherry notes full of grapes and christmas spices with slight smoke, banana, tres leches cake, and buttermilk.

Palate: Super sweet sherry up front before turning oak heavy with some smoke influence, toffee, and black tea. A muddled palate with some shining moments here and there.

Finish: Bitter oak – sherry mostly gone with some slight funk left over.

Rating: 80/100 – I’m not usually impressed by Dalmore, and this one is about what I expected. It’s not bad, but rather simple overall and a bit muddled.

Value for the money: These retail for around $125+ and it’s an easy pass at that price. This bottle should be priced closer to $50-$60 IMO.

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