Dalmore 19 (Signatory Vintage 1990/2010 Cask #9428) Review

This is a 19 year Dalmore expression that was matured in a sherry butt and bottled at 43% ABV.

Nose: Tangerine with a briny malt – sour notes with medium oak influence. Little to no sherry here – must have been one refill too many.

Palate: Salty malt with biscuits – subtle fruits in the background. Strikes me as a Glenmorangie 10 type profile.

Finish: Very bland disappearing in a flash.

Rating: 74/100 – Sherry influence was extremely negligible all around – it’s inoffensive, but not particularly enjoyable.

Value for the money: Not sure what this retailed for, but willing to guess it was around $90-$110. Whatever the retail is, I would pass.

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