Cooper’s Choice Golden Grain 51 Year Review

This is a 51 year old blended grain whiskey bottled by Cooper’s Choice at 51% ABV.

Nose: Brown sugar with caramelized bananas, french vanilla, sweet grains, I almost would’ve thought I was nosing an older bourbon if this was a mystery.

Palate: Rush of anise and brown sugar up front followed by the oak punching through strongly alongside vanilla, malt chocolate, and cinnamon. Still, not nearly as heavy oak influence as I was expecting for the age.

Finish: As I would’ve guessed, oak begins to turn rather bitter here with the bourbon medley of notes still lingering.

Rating: 86/100 – Very interesting profile for something this old – was fully expecting an oak fest, but left pleasantly surprised by all the rich/sweet notes pulling ahead of the oak.

Value for the money: I bought into a bottle split at around a $250-$275 bottle valuation which is pretty great given the age. I paid $250 for the 50 year grain I have which I also though was a pretty good price given the age. Good luck finding a 50 year single malt without taking out a second mortgage.

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