Colonel E.H. Taylor Straight Rye Review

The Straight Rye is part of the core range of E.H. Taylor which is a Buffalo Trace product. These days it’s one of the few readily available quality ryes in my opinion. It’s bottled at 50% ABV (as with all bottled-in-bond bottles).

Nose: Warm, buttered rye bread fresh from the oven. Black pepper, honey, a bit of a floral sweetness, very rich overall.

Palate: Very little no no heat which is a nice surprise for 50% ABV. Very grain forward with the rye out front – slightly herbal with a bit of vanilla coming through.

Finish: Becomes noticeably hotter on the finish while also taking a turn towards a more fruit forward profile balanced by an earthy bitter note.

Rating: 89/100 – This remains one of the best ryes you can buy off the shelf for a reasonable price in an age where aged ryes are going through the roof in prices.

Value for the money: These retail around $70 and I think it’s a bargain at that price. If you’re looking for a solid rye that you can grab from your local liquor store, look no further.

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