Clynelish 21 (Cadenhead Small Batch K&L Selection) Review

This is a 21 year Clynelish from Cadenhead that was selected by K&L Wines. It was bottled at 52.4% ABV. I presume this was aged in a second or third refill ex-bourbon cask based on my notes.

Nose: Salty, playdough like malt with heather and crayons. Weathered oak infused with apple cider.

Palate: Honeydew melon, some oak tannins mixed among the a floral malt with dried herbs.

Finish: Buttery oak with herbs fading gently and subtle vanilla.

Rating: 84/100 – Not quite the Clynelish style I prefer. I do enjoy non-sherry finished Clynelish, but this one left me wanting a bit on the palate and finish.

Value for the money: This is going for $140 on K&L at the moment, and I wouldn’t buy again at that price. I’d like to see this priced closer to $80-$90.

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