Clynelish 12 (Murray McDavid 1995) Review

This is a 12 year Clynelish matured in bourbon/sherry/madeira casks and ACE’d in madeira casks. It’s bottled at 46% ABV.

Nose: Loads of funky wine notes with a kind of musty sherry and some odd motor oil type notes. Strawberry and cherries evident in the wine notes.

Palate: Very heavy grape notes with waxy fruits still coming through – pears and apples. Slightly malty, but overall a wine bomb.

Finish: Wine notes and tannins linger with strawberries.

Rating: 84/100 – A bit heavy handed with the madeira/sherry, but enjoyable as a dessert type pour.

Value for the money: I think I paid around $80 or so for this, and that’s an ok price if a bit high. Would like to see it closer to $60 or so.

3 thoughts on “Clynelish 12 (Murray McDavid 1995) Review”

  1. This sounds interesting. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it. I know you like Clynelish. Binny’s has an 8 year old, cask strength, Signatory bottling. It’s really fantastic. I will do a review of it sometime ( that would be my first). It’s a strong version of the OB 14 yr with just a touch of smoke – a wisp – nice.

    1. Hmm that sounds great – I’ll have to see if one of my buddies in Chicago can snag one for me. Would like to see your notes on it!

      1. I hope you can snag a bottle. I have the Signatory 7 year old and the Signatory 8 year old. The 7 is kind of harsh and taste young. It does have Clynelish notes but my guess is the cask was a bit worn out. The 8 year old on the other hand is rich and full, nice and waxy, salty and a bit smoky. It really reminds me of a 35 year old Brora I had at the Distillery. Not as smooth and polished but no doubt related. All of the typical Clynelish notes but big and bold. So nice. I bought a 2nd bottle. I would like to do a series of reviews of the OB Clynelish 14, OB distillery only natural cask strength 57.35, the Signatory 7 yr, 8 yr, 20 year, 1995 cask 8687, and an Adelphi bottling of a 17 year old. As you can see I like Clynelish. Also another one I have is a Signatory bottling of Imperial, 1995, 50.2% bottled for Vine and Table. This one is very Clynelish like, nice toffee, kind of salty, waxy with just a bit of smoke – very nice. I have the review done for the Signatory, 1995. I first thought I would wait and post them all at once but now I think I will start with the 7 and 8 and go from there. Cheers

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