Charbay III Review

This is the third release of Charbay (of which there have been 4 total). It’s a 6 year expression that was infused with hops, aged for 6 years and then placed in a vatting tank for another 8.

Nose: Green, leafy hops with a bit of ether – very grassy all around from the hops.

Palate: Bright and woody for a few seconds before skunky weed notes descend on the palate. Very overwhelming.

Finish: Skunky weed/hop notes linger for some time.

Rating: 72/100 – Charbay is a very divisive whiskey with some people hating it and some people loving it. I tend to be in the former, but I tried the IV the other day and really liked it as it was dialed down quite a bit in the skunky weed department.

Retail: These retail for $400 which is ridiculous to me.

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