Old Grand-Dad Bottled-In-Bond (1983 ND) Review

This is a 1983 Old Grand-Dad Bottled-In-Bond expression from National Distillers. Due to it being BIB, this is bottled at 50% ABV.

Nose: Very rich with layers of butterscotch, musty cardboard, cherry cough drops, savory corn bread topped with butter, and some heavy vanilla notes.

Palate: Vanilla dominant with brown sugar and butterscotch supporting – oak is perfectly balanced. Some peppery corn on the cob emerges after a couple sips.

Finish: Musty oak lingers with pepper and cinnamon on tip of tongue.

Rating: 92/100 – A very solid ND OGD – sometimes I find the musty notes to be a bit too overwhelming on these, but this has a perfect balance.

Value for the money: These old OGD BIB bottles have really exploded in value the last year or so (along with most other rare bourbons) – I’m guessing this would run $500+ currently, but in no way is it worth that. If this were available in stores, I’d be happy to pay up to $80-$100 for a bottle.

1986 Old Taylor 86 Proof Review

This is a 1986 bottling of Old Taylor that was distilled by National Distillers. Jim Beam acquired this brand along with all the other National Distillers brands in 1987. This expression is 6 years old and bottled at 43% ABV.

Nose: Super sweet nose – blast of classic ND signature butterscotch followed by caramel, musty old oak, creamed corn, and a little vanilla.

Palate: Loads of butterscotch – similar to a Wurther’s original. Way more oak here with an old dresser in grandma’s basement feel. Hints of honey and vanilla.

Finish: Woody, sweet, and butterscotch.

Rating: 87/100 – I love that ND butterscotch vibe as you don’t see that much in modern bourbon.

Value for the money:  I found this on the shelf for $15 which is almost a rip-off for the store. On the secondary, these go for $100+ which is a stretch for me.

1975 Old Overholt Straight Rye Review

This is a 4 year Old Overholt straight rye that was distilled in 1975 and bottled in 1979 at 43% ABV.

Nose: Slight isopropyl note with big sour rye bread notes. Nose improves over time but mostly just heavy rye.

Palate: Rye fades with an older, herbal oak dominating here.

Finish: Disappears in a flash sadly – left with just a hint of musty oak.

Rating: 80/100 – Nose was promising but pretty lackluster elsewhere.

Value for the money: Not sure what these dusty ryes would go for, but I wouldn’t pay more than $20-$30 for this as I’d rather drink a current cheaper rye e.g. Rittenhouse BIB.