Noah’s Mill Review

This is one of the NAS expressions produced by KBD. It’s a small batch bourbon bottled at 57.15% ABV.

Nose: Peppery with big grain notes, cinnamon, quite yeasty, brown sugar – fairly basic bourbon nose.

Palate: Green apples, brown sugar, cinnamon, peppery, young and slightly harsh oak.

Finish: Pepper comes to fore front as the heat dials up with bitter oak and corn notes.

Rating: 78/100 – It’s a bit rough around the edges, but overall a decent bourbon.

Value for the money: These range at retail from $42 on the low end at Total Wine, up to around $60 at other stores. I’d pass even at the low end personally – I think this belongs closer to the $25-30 level.

Johnny Drum Private Stock Review

This is a NAS expression from Kentucky Bourbon Distillers that’s bottled at 50.5% ABV.

Nose: Reminds me of a mustier, spicier Brown-Forman product. Bananas foster, freshly sawn oak, cinnamon raisin bread, honey, and black pepper.

Palate: Muddled and mostly dominated by musty, bitter oak. New/fresh grain notes imply a young age with notes of vanilla.

Finish: Fades fast with banana bread and oak notes lingering for a short period.

Rating: 78/100 – A pretty average bourbon that’s neither bad nor especially good.

Value for the money: These retail around $35+ which is generally not too bad, but I wouldn’t pay that for a bottle.

Rowan’s Creek Review

This is a NAS (formerly 12 year) expression from KBD (Kentucky Bourbon Distillers) which is bottled at 50.05% ABV.

Nose: Birthday cake with vanilla buttercream frosting, buttery toasted oak with warm brown sugar. Classic rich/sweet bourbon nose.

Palate: Very sweet up front before oak and spices take over becoming very oak dominant with some grapes and bitter cocoa.

Finish: Hot and dry with most notes fading very quickly.

Rating: 82/100 – The nose was very promising, but the palate and finish were a bit of a letdown.

Value for the money: These can be found as low as $32 near me (Total Wine) which makes for a pretty good buy.