Glen Ord 30 Review

This is a 30 year OB from Glen Ord that was bottled in 2005 at 58.7% ABV.

Nose: Sea salt and dry, old oak with faint apricots and blackberries, banana taffies, and garam masala. Started off a bit subdued and reminded me of a Springbank profile, but really opened up after awhile in the glass.

Palate: Oily and smooth on entry with loads of hot pepper and anise up front. Rich oak develops quickly with nutmeg and smoked meats. Quite spicy overall as the pepper plays off the strong oak profile.

Finish: Oak takes over immediately with some burnt leaves and bitter herbs – a bit overoaked here for my taste.

Rating: 89/100 – Were the finish a bit less oak heavy, I’d probably put this one in the low 90s, but it became too bitter and oak driven toward the end for me.

Value for the money: I bought into a split at a $375 valuation, and I would not pay that for a full bottle. If this were available at retail, I’d pay up to $150 or so for a bottle.