SMWS 41.67 “Sweet with a Dash of Fun” (Daluaine 30) Review

This is from the SMWS outrun from a couple months ago. It’s title is “Sweet with a Dash of Fun”. It’s a 30 year old Daluaine distilled in 1984, aged in a refill ex-bourbon hogshead and bottled in 2015 at 53.7% ABV.

Nose: Salty and full of grain and heather with damp oak. A slight ether note mixed in among dry white grapes.

Palate: Musty grain with muted fruits and oak – rather muddled overall with a bit of vanilla custard.

Finish: Dry and relatively short with a helping of oak and acidity.

Rating: 83/100 – Similar to a grain whisky at times, but slightly out of balance for me.

Value for the money: This was $240 when it was released, but I would look to pay under $150 for it.