Convalmore 20 (Cadenhead Authentic Collection 1977/1998) Review

This is a 20 year old expression from Convalmore that was matured in ex-bourbon casks and bottled at an impressively high 65.2% ABV.

Nose: Blackberry jam, vanilla beans, pears, honey, and a bit of musty oak. A simple, but pleasant nose.

Palate: Heat is quite strong without any water making it hard to pull out many notes – mostly oak with some honey and vanilla and very subtle berry notes in the background.

Finish: Disappears in a flash as the head subsides leaving only a trace of honey.

Rating: 82/100 – I feel like malt doesn’t hold up as well at such high proofs compared to bourbon/rye – the more delicate notes tend to get overpowered in my opinion.

Value for the money: I bought into a bottle split at a $280 valuation, and I would pass on a bottle at that price. I don’t think I’d go over $100 personally.