Bushmills 21 Review

This is a 21 year expression from Bushmills that was matured in a mix of Bourbon/Oloroso sherry casks and married in Madeira casks for two years. It’s bottled at 40% ABV.

Nose: Funky green notes with fresh milled grains, loads of tropical fruits heavy on peach and mango, grassy with minimal oak.

Palate: Salty up front with heavy mango and peach again, rich barley again with a grassy style and a perfect blend of oak.

Finish: Turns slightly doughy as the salt lingers – tropical fruits fade relatively quickly unfortunately.

Rating: 87/100 – Very nice – I love those peach/mango notes and I wish I could try this at cask strength.

Value for the money: Looks like these retail around $100, and I think that’s a very fair price.