Burnside 24 (A.D. Rattray) Review

This is a vatted malt consisting of Balvenie and teaspooned with Glenfiddich. A malt is often teaspooned like this when a cask that has an off-profile for a given distillery is sold to an IB. They add a teaspoon of a different distilleries malt to prevent it from being sold as a single cask under their own brand. This was bottled at 52.1% ABV.

Nose: Freshly popped can of tennis balls – odd combo of rubber/chemicals. Earthy, musty, and a little smoky.

Palate: Tennis ball notes come through with spicy malt, mushrooms, dank oak, vegetal notes – very funky.

Finish: Very spicy, funky barley with that odd tennis note lingering.

Rating: 76/100 – A very weird one – I could see why Balvenie shipped this cask off.

Value for the money: These retailed around $100 I think which is a pass. Not sure I’d pick this one up at any price honestly.