Balmenach 26 (Signatory Vintage TWE Selection 1988/2015 Cask #3242) Review

This is a TWE Selection 26 year Balmenach matured in an ex-bourbon Hogshead and bottled at 51.1% ABV.

Nose: Honey and lavender with heavy beeswax – some fenugreek developing with tart apples, cherries, and vanilla.

Palate: Loads of honey and wax with the oak coming off harsh – cherry and strawberry notes with vanilla and butterscotch.

Finish: Buttery oak with dried herbs – some harshness from the oak.

Rating: 84/100 – Some promising notes but a bit rough around the edges at times.

Value for the money: I believe I got this delivered around $200 from TWE and I wouldn’t buy it again at that price.

Balmenach 26 (Signatory Vintage Binny’s Selection 1988/2015 Cask #2805) Review

This is a 26 year Balmenach that was matured in an ex-bourbon Hogshead and bottled at 51.6% ABV. Thanks to My Annoying Opinions for the sample.

Nose: Bright, briny malt with tart berries, clay, beeswax, greek yogurt, grassy with some mint and mushrooms. A bit all over the place but some interesting notes in there.

Palate: Quite woody with lots of green/grassy notes while also a bit flowery. Some briny malt with mint.

Finish: Dry and oak heavy with pepper and cloves.

Rating: 85/100 – My first Balmenach expression – don’t know how typical this is to their distillery profile, but I enjoyed it. Reminded me of a cross between a Clynelish and a Talisker.

Value for the money: This retails for $150 at Binny’s, and I think that’s a pretty reasonable price.