Ardmore 16 (Gordon & MacPhail 1998/2015 Binny’s Selection Cask #5587) Review

This is a 16 year Ardmore that was matured in a refill sherry hogshead, selected by Binny’s, and bottled by G&M at 55.5% ABV.

Nose: Fruity sherry with a bit of a sulphur note – bananas, caramelized apples, glazed donuts, and some gunflint.

Palate: Sherry takes a spicy turn with red pepper flakes and nutmeg – oak presents quite dry with tart apples dusted with cinnamon.

Finish: Turns heavily herbal as sherry fades rapidly. Spicy peppers remain on tip of tongue as musty oak takes hold in the rear palate.

Rating: 87/100 – One of the spicier sherried expressions I’ve tried which results in a nice contrasting profile.

Value for the money: This retailed for $100 at Binny’s which is a pretty fair price for what you get.

SMWS 66.79 “Hansel and Gretel Duality” (Ardmore 11) Review

This is an 11 year Ardmore from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society that was aged in what I presume is an ex-bourbon cask and bottled at 58% ABV.

Nose: Subtle peat, mild brine, very faint oak. A very mild nose all around.

Palate: Wow – everything about this dram so far is just dialed down to about 25% power. Fresh oak, slight smoke, and bitter herbs. It was a struggle just to pull something out of it.

Finish: Dry with just a bit of heat remaining as any semblance of taste disappears instantly.

Rating: 72/100 – Odd, I’ve never had such a plain, watered down tasting dram (especially at cask strength). I spent a long time with this one just seeing if it needed time to open up. It’s not bad per se, it’s just not good.

Value for the money: This came with my SMWS membership kit, but I’m glad I didn’t pay anything for this directly. I wouldn’t recommend buying it at any price.

Ardmore 16 Review

This is a cask strength Ardmore 16 from Gordon & MacPhail which is bottled at 57.34% ABV.

Nose: Light malt with lavendar, damp oak, dried grass, and floral notes

Palate: Heavy cinnamon and pepper seasoned oak, bright malt with some old hay – sort of reminds me of a non-sherried Mortlach

Finish: Dry and hot with oak and sugary malt lingering

Rating: 84/100 – no frills dram that presents a slight farm style. Would be interesting to see what a sherry finish would do for this dram.

Value for the money: I was told this was around $90 retail which is too high in my opinion – I’d like to see it a bit closer to $50.