Alberta Premium 30 Year Review

This is a 100% un-malted rye from Alberta Premium that was aged in charred oak casks for 26 years, decanted, then casked again for four years until being bottled at 40% ABV.

Nose: Overpowering rye grain notes verging on pure acetone, heavy butterscotch notes appearing along with some damp cardboard – very reminiscent of National Distillers Old Grand-Dad/Old Taylor nose.

Palate: Very soft/delicate rye here surprisingly with minimal spice/pepper and very little oak. I was very surprised at how gentle and subdued the palate was.

Finish: Disappears fairly rapidly with only subtle rye notes lingering.

Rating: 81/100 – Very one dimensional and quite bland on the palate/finish despite the big rye nose. I can’t help but think the 40% really holds this back.

Value for the money: When these were released 5 or so years ago, I believe they retailed around $50 which is a pretty crazy price for a 30 year. I bought into a bottle split at around a $250 valuation which I would definitely not pay for a bottle.