Aberfeldy 21 Review

The Aberfeldy 21 is one of the core Aberfeldy expressions (of which there aren’t many). This remains the one and only Aberfeldy I’ve tried to date as it’s not one I see terribly often. This is 21 years old and bottled at 40% ABV.

Nose: Crisp, clean malt with strong heather notes. Honey infused almond biscuits with just a slight hint of smoke.

Palate: Big and oily mouthfeel – smoke and floral notes up front with oak developing nicely over time. Rich with waxy citrus rinds.

Finish: Strong cocoa with malt and oak lingering for awhiel.

Rating: 89/100: I could only imagine how this one would perform above a paltry 40%. I’m not too much of a proof purist, but once you’ve had enough malt, you really start to realize the harm that bottling something at 40% can do. You’re left with just your imagination as to how much better a bottle might be – big leaps can even be seen jumping to 43% or 46% in my opinion.

Value for the money: These range from $100-$150 which I think is a big on the high side. The sweet spot would be around $70-$80 for me.