A.H. Hirsch 16 Review

This is quite a legendary bourbon in the whiskey community. It was distilled by the now defunct Michter’s distillery in Pennsylvania in 1974. A local friend was kind enough to provide a sample of this at a tasting I hosted awhile back.

Nose: Vanilla, charred oak, lots of floral notes swimming around in honey and caramel, mint, brown sugar/fresh baked cookies. A dynamic nose that evolves with each visit.

Palate: Loses some of the complexity I found on the nose with the oak pulling out in front. Remains fairly sweet overall with a bit of butterscotch and yeast.

Finish: Delicate balance of sweet/spice notes with cinnamon and cloves contrasting the heavy brown sugar. Floral notes remain on tip of tongue for awhile.

Rating: 93/100 – A very good bourbon which mostly lives up to the hype. Has a fantastic nose with lots of quintessential bourbon notes in droves.

Value for the money: With these type of extremely rare/legendary bourbons, the value for the money is really in the eye of the beholder. The bottle prices have creeped up over $1,000, and I can’t imagine paying anyhwere near that for a bottle. If it were still available at retail, I’d be happy to pay up to $100 at the store. I’d highly recommend trying this at a bar or something as opposed to seeking out a bottle. It’s a holy grail bourbon for a lot of bourbon fans, and one worth trying if only for its legendary status. It will only continue to grow in price over time sadly.