Bunnahabhain 26 (Signatory Vintage 1988/2014 Cask #5801) Review

This is a 26 year Bunnahabhain that was matured in a refill butt before being bottled at 55.6% ABV.

Nose: Sherry comes through cleanly but with a mild profile – ripe bananas, subtle raisin with some wet clay, tobacco, and musty books.

Palate: Sherry much richer here with spiced apples, toffee, rooibos tea, chocolate with some spicy peppers incorporated.

Finish: Bitter cocoa, banana chips, spiced oak, sherry influence strikes me more as a tawny port here.

Rating: 89/100 – A very nice older Bunnahabhain with an interesting sherry profile.

Value for the money: Guessing this retailed originally for $150-$175 or so, and I’d gladly pay that for a bottle.

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