Bruichladdich 22 Chateau Lafite Cask Review

This is a 22 year Bruichladdich single barrel that was finished in a Chateau Lafite cask and bottled at 50.6% ABV.

Nose: Dark fruits mixed with smoky bbq – slight sulphur note amidst red grape skins and seasoned oak. The fruit notes are dominant here and this reminds me of a super-charged Companta.

Palate: Swirling dark muddled fruits with damp, earthy oak mixed with mushrooms and fresh pepper.

Finish: Plums, figs, musty oak, slightly bitter towards the end

Rating: 92/100 – If you like dark fruit influence in your scotch, this will be right up your alley. I’m a fan of Bruichladdich in general, and this single barrel really hits the spot.

Value for the money: Not sure what this retailed for originally, but I’d be happy to pay up to $150 for a bottle of this.

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