Brora 25 (Douglas Laing McGibbon’s Provenance Winter 1974/Winter 2002) Review

This is a 25 year Brora bottled by Douglas Laing as part of their McGibbon’s Provenance series. It was bottled at 43% ABV.

Nose: Classic Brora notes right away – the quintessential farm malt. Freshly tilled soil, hay, soft peat, old barnwood with some ground cinnamon sticks. This has a sweeter profile than I typically find in Broras.

Palate: Nose transitions nicely with all the farm notes leading off with root vegetables, damp hay, slightly smoked oak, and again a lot more sweetness here than I usually find with Brora.

Finish: Fresh soil and mild oak linger with peat, decaying leaves, and black pepper.

Rating: 93/100 – Goes to show how good Brora is that it can shine even at 43%. I enjoyed this one a lot as it has all the perfect Brora notes for me all in perfect balance.

Value for the money: I bought into a bottle split at around a $700 valuation, and I wouldn’t buy a full bottle at that price. I’d save up some more and buy one of the OBs if you’re after Brora in that price range.

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