Bowmore 12 (70s squat bottle) Review

This is an old release (Italy specific bottling I believe) of the Bowmore 12 that was distilled in the mid 70s. It’s bottled at 43% ABV.

Nose: Strong putty/clay up front turning into heavy vegetal notes with an odd metallic note in there. Overripe apples emerging with some guava, cantaloupe, and some subtle acetone.

Palate: Metallic note leads off with earthy, musty oak following. Pineapple comes in behind the oak while it turns quite malty.

Finish: Fairly short finish with subtle oak and vegetal notes.

Rating: 85/100 – Nice to try a Bowmore from this era – it avoids the FWP notes of the 80s, but it also misses a lot of the beautiful tropical fruits from the 60s (although it has hints of those fruits).

Value for the money: At auction these seem to be going for around €300 or so. I’d pass at that price, but would pay up to maybe $150 or so.

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