Benrinnes 23 Review

Benrinnes 23 is a sherried expression bottled at 58.8% ABV in 2009 as part of the annual Diageo special release.

Nose: Huge sherry bomb – tinge of smoke, musty old leather-bound books, old oak wrapped in a very thick, syrupy sherry

Palate: Intense, sweet sherry up front with strawberries, old leather, and stewed fruits developing over time

Finish: Lingering spice with tobacco smoke and oak – sherry remains intense throughout the finish

Rating: 95/100 – One of the best sherry bombs I’ve had. I love the smoke in the nose/palate to add a little complexity/diversity with the sherry.

Value for the money: I believe these are going for $250-$300 which is pretty fair compared to other big sherry drams e.g. The General, TUN 1401, etc.

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