Banff 28 (Gordon & MacPhail Connoisseur’s Choice 1976/2005) Review

This is a 28 year Banff that was bottled by G&M in 2005 at 40% ABV.

Nose: Pineapple and mango with hay, big sweeping oak notes, and almond oil.

Palate: Quite oaky up front with some banana and muted cantaloupe – turning butterscotch and toffee heavy. Some grassy notes and anise arise on the rear palate.

Finish: Dry oak with subtle cantaloupe and star anise.

Rating: 83/100 – Hints of a very good malt that was watered down a bit too much. Would love to try this at cask strength.

Value for the money: Not a lot of auction history, but most recently this went for €266. I’d pass at that price. I wouldn’t pay over $100 for this particular bottling.

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