Balvenie TUN 1509 Batch 1 Review

The TUN 1509 is the replacement for the much beloved TUN 1401 that ended its run with batch 9 a couple years back. The 1509 TUN is much larger (it’s basically a giant tank where they vat several casks). The 1509 is made up of 35 ex-bourbon casks and 7 sherry butts and is NAS just like it’s older brother the 1401.

Nose: Spiced honey and vanilla oak. Strawberries, bananas, cereal, old damp oak. Sherry influence adds a bit of brightness without making it overly sweet.

Palate: Peppery malt, dark stewed fruits with very old oak, slight sherry sweetness with some acidity as well.

Finish: Rich sherry seasoned oak with black cherry and honey.

Rating: 93/100 – Not quite as good as the TUN 1401 batch 3 or 9, but very close for me. The mouthfeel is a big letdown compared to those old TUNs though as they were like liquid velvet and this one is quite thin.

Value for the money: These retailed around $350 which was higher than retail for TUN 1401. If you really want a TUN, I’d save up more and buy a TUN 1401 batch 9 instead.

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