Balvenie TUN 1401 Batch 6 Review

The TUN 1401 series were a legendary Balvenie line of bottlings that spanned 9 batches. The only batches that were sold in the US were batches 3, 6, and 9 with 9 being the last batch produced in the TUN 1401 series. After shuttering the series, Balvenie built a larger TUN and debuted TUN 1509 which is now on its second batch. The tun is essentially a giant vat where Balvenie can combine many different barrels. This is batch 6 which is bottled at 49.8%.

Nose: Old, weathered oak coated with a syrupy sherry. Dollop of honey with brine, pears, smoked fish, and dried hay.

Palate: Sharp oak up front with sweet sherry and tart berries. Oak intensifies in rear palate with cocoa and peanuts.

Finish: Spiced malt with bitter, earthy oak – rather astringent.

Rating: 92/100 – Not quite as good as the batch 3 and batch 9, but still a solid dram.

Value for the money: It retailed for around $250 which is a little over what I’d want to pay, but secondary is closer to $500+ these days which is too much.

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