Balvenie 17 Peated Cask Review

This is a 17 year old Balvenie expression that was aged in a cask that previously held a peated whisky and bottled at 43% ABV.

Nose: Minimal peat and smoke with sawdust and ether surrounded by mineral laced malt.

Palate: Peat with spearmint, parsley, tobacco, light malt and heather – light and airy overall.

Finish: Sour malt with bitter greens, oak, and tobacco smoke.

Rating: 78/100 – Peat is very minimal here – seems more of a marketing gimmick than something that actually differentiates it from the 17 Doublewood.

Value for the money: I see these around $90-$120 which is an easy pass – I wouldn’t pay more than $30-$40 for this.

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