Ardbeg Auriverdes Review

This expression was the annual Ardbeg committee relesase from 2013. Ardbeg used ex-bourbon barrels but put on new, toasted heads before aging and later blending with some other bourbon casks.

Nose: Big peat with smoke from a wet log on a campfire, lemon juice, hint of dark chocolate and raspberries.

Palate: Peat with smoked herbs and delicate malt with straw – muted compared to some other Ardbeg expressions.

Finish: Peat smoke lingers with more citrus and blackened oak

Rating: 85/100 – I enjoyed the citrus/fruits on the nose, but I wish they continued throughout the palate/finish.

Value for the money: These retailed around $80-$90, but at that price I’d rather buy a Laphroaig 18.

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