Ardbeg Alligator Review

Ardbeg Alligator was an expression released a few years ago where Ardbeg aged part of the distillate in heavily charred barrels (hence the Alligator name from the Alligator skin style pattern the char has on the inside of the barrel). This was bottled at 51.2% ABV.

Nose: Sweeter peated style than traditional Ardbegs. Muddled fruits, bold malt with light oak, vanilla, and some salt.

Palate: Peat with a sweeter edge again alongside vanilla, oak, and smoke.

Finish: Peat ash with a bit of honey and subtle oak

Rating: 91/100 – One of my favorite Ardbeg releases from recent years

Value for the money: I paid $21 an oz to try this at Twisted Spoke which is a fair price. These bottles sell for $250-$300, which is overpriced in my mind. I’d gladly buy a bottle of this at anything under $125 or so.

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