Ardbeg 28 (Old Malt Cask 1972 1/222) Review

This is a 28 year Ardbeg distilled in 1972 and bottled under Old Malt Cask at 49.5% ABV. These 1972 Ardbegs are supposed to be some of the best Ardbeg stock out there, and I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to try a few of them lately.

Nose: Heavy peat laden with a sweet vanilla. Rotting, damp oak with dried mushrooms and old rubber.

Palate: Very poignant peat with plenty of brine. Again, heavy rubber with freshly churned soil, slight tangerines, and a curtain of smoke around it.

Finish: Long with peat still dominant alongside damp hay, aged oak, and heavy smoke.

Rating: 93/100

Value for the money: These types of Ardbegs go for $1500+ at auction I believe, and I would not pay that. At that price, I’d rather go for Brora or maybe 60s Bowmore.

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